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ABOUT COMPANY DEHOR - elspec Litvínov s.r.o.

ABOUT COMPANY DEHOR - elspec Litvínov s.r.o.

Company DEHOR - elspec Litvínov s.r.o. located in Litvínov was established in 1998 mainly by former employees of a company - OPMP DEHOR Most. Partnership of the companies DEHOR - elspec Litvínov s.r.o. and NES Nová Dubnica s.r.o. was founded in 2004.

The company is oriented to provisioning of complex services for DC supplies for surface conditioning by electro galvanizing or painting. The company benefits from extensive experience of its engineers in the field. It produces and delivers DC supplies for electrochemistry with output current as required from the customer - from 10 up to 10.000 A. It provides maintenance and repair services for all types of rectifiers, also those supplied by other producers. It also provides restoration and reconstruction of all types of supplies to incorporate converters enabling control from master control system of automatic galvanization line. Also consultancy services are included.

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  • supplies, accumulator chargers and DC distribution panels
  • delivering of new generation rectifiers
  • rectifiers for electrophoresis applying of colors
  • for all types possibility of control from master control system (current loop, RS 485/232, visualization and archiving of data)
  • possibility to reverse the polarity of output voltage
  • possibility to add the digital measuring devices for current (Ah) - different configurations
  • possibility to select the case for remote control - analog or digital the case is made from highly durable plastic material, cover IP 64


  • frequency converters SIEMENS
  • control systems Simatic - HW and SW
  • thyristores, diodes, IGBT transistors EUPEC
  • supply parts for converters SIEMENS


  • automation of technological process - design of drives, control systems and ss distribution panels
  • engineering and consultancy services
  • professional review of old supplies state, feasibility of reconstruction, when recommending new supplies, electrical energy consumption is important


  • for all types of rectifiers for galvanotechnology and chargers from different producers
  • possibility of service repair within 24 hours



Company DEHOR - elspec Litvínov s.r.o., as traditional producer of pulse technology, produces and delivers many products based on pulse technology. These products function on basis of middle frequency power transmission with switching frequency up to 100 kHz. Used pulse-width modulation endures high efficiency in wide range of output power. The output is also short-circuit-proof and electrically detached from input.

Main advantages are:
  • high switching frequency reached thanks to IGBT technology
  • high efficiency up to 95 %, high power factor
  • efficiency factor better than 0,95, small impact to main distribution network
  • small dimensions, low weight
  • lasting no-load operation and lasting short-circuit resistance
  • electrical separation of input and output


Chargers (series SN) are electronic devices with microprocessor control system series, enabling to charge the accumulators according the programmed charging characteristics. The output current and output voltage is controlled by required characteristics selected on control panel with LCD display. Charging and discharging characteristic is controlled by microcomputer with preset characteristics (IUIUUo, IUUo, etc) according the requirements of top battery producers.

Chargers of type M.1 and M.5 are designed for charging of station batteries with the most comfortable microprocessor control system, by default it is possible to use serial link RS 232/485, or software for control from PC or remotely via modem. Chargers M.1 have two outputs, one for battery and other for the load. Chargers M.5 have only one output common for battery and load.

Universal chargers, designed for charging of traction, station and actuation batteries. They have only one common output for load and battery.
This group includes:
  • Chargers of type M.2, default with microprocessor control system.
  • Standard simple chargers without microprocessor control system based on switching supplies, without letter M in type signature.
Chargers fitted to 19" RACK for station application with microprocessor control system.

Chargers of type M.3 are designed for charging of traction and actuation batteries.

Dischargers (series VA)
are electronic devices enabling to discharge the accumulators by defined electric current and thus measure the capacity of the accumulator. They are produced in three modification for battery voltages from 6V to 220V and discharging currents 40, 100 and 200 A.

Devices for automated charging capacity testing
of single accumulator cells controlled by PC. Devices enable energy recuperation to main distribution during accumulator capacity tests and thus save electrical energy.

Wide range of accessories and equipment
as battery disconnectors, monitoring and communications modules, temperature probes, stands, countercells etc.


Switching supplies of DC voltage IMPULZ (series SZ) are designed for supplying of automation, measuring, communication devices etc. The supplies are produced by default with output parameters ranging from 5V up to 220V DC and power up to 250kW or as required by client. Supplies up to power 600W can be fastened to DIN-plate, greater ones are fastened with screws to panel (hanging made) or placed on the floor.

Supplies for galvanotechnology and electrochemistry (series SZ)
serve for galvanization of the surface, applying of metallic and non metallic layers, neutralization of water, degreasing etc. The supplies are produced by default with output powers from 5V up to 30Vdc and currents 50A to 16kA. The supplies can be equipped by basic control via the remote control case (SDO), control by analog signals or serial link RS 485, electronic output voltage polarity reverser.

Supplies DC/DC (series NZ, PM)
are designed for transforming of DC voltage in DC distribution frames, traction vehicles etc. They are produced in wide range of voltages and currents, with electrical detaching of input and output (series NZ) or without electrical detaching (series PM).


Supplies for cathode protection of pipelines, electronic polarized drainages and diode separation components are designed for complex electronic protection of underground steel pipelines. Main applications are in gas industry, water industry and ducts. Nominal output voltages are 24 or 40VDC and currents up to 80A.

Supplies RECURAL for cathode protection of pipelines with microprocessor control system enable output clocking, setting output voltage locally or and remotely through the serial link and radio or GSM/GPRS transmission, enabling complete automation of their operation.

Supplies RECURAL built in the distribution panel with high cover supplement financially requiring kiosks. They are also designed for installation in external environment and contain distribution panel with electrometer.

Electronic polarization drainages
are electronic devices enabling to lead leakage currents from underground devices, incoming to the input clamp of its origin (railway, convertor node, etc).

Diode separation components (series DOP)
are designed for protection of devices from the overvoltage created by lightning induced voltage. Input/output is not galvanicaly separated.

Necessary equipment of the supplies is overvoltage protections, for example DEHN.


DC/AC voltage converters (series ZZ) are designed for generation of voltage 1x230V AC or 3x400V AC, 50Hz with modified sinus wave of output voltage. Input voltages are in range from 12V to 220VDC.

DC/DC back-up supplies
are designed for transforming of DC voltage with backed-up output.

DC/AC back-up supplies
are designed for transforming of DC voltage into line voltage with backed-up input - supply.

Power supplies for emergency lighting
are designed for feeding of power distributions in industrial objects or in apartment houses.



They are galvanic separators of voltage and current one- and two- channel used for transfer of measured signal from power circuits to control circuits and collection of data in automation process.

Insulation amplifiers (series SP20, SP25, SP50) are designed for transformation of measured signal from power circuits to 1000 Vef to control circuits. Input voltages are by default 60, 100, 220mV..., output voltages 0 to 10V and currents 0 (4) up to 20 mA.

Voltage and current effective value transducers (series SP100) are used for measurement of voltage and current effective value via voltage and current measuring transformers.

Temperature measuring converters (series ST) are used for conversion of resistance signal from the temperature sensor into electrical signal 0(4)-20mA, (0-10V).

High voltage converters (series ST) designed for transmission of measured signal from power circuits up to 3000 V= to control circuits.

Insulation resistance meters (series MIO) are designed for watching of the insulation state of devices, for example the transformers insulation nodes or for checking of insulation state of DC distribution panels.



Standard low voltage distributors for distribution of electrical energy.

Low Voltage compensation and filtration distribution panels for reactive power compensation and for filtration of selected higher harmonics in low voltage networks with higher harmonic components (presence of frequency converters, electronic soft starters in network).


Products SIEMENS A.G.

Frequency converters MicroMaster series 410 to 440 designed for general industrial use with output power from 120 W up to 200 kW

Frequency converters Sinamics G110, G150, S120 designed for general use e.g. for ventilators, pumps, gates etc. with output power from 0,12 kW up to 800 kW

Frequency converters Master Drives series 6SE70, designed for industrial use with output power from 2,2 kW up to 2300 kW with vector control (VC), or servo control (MC)

DC converters SIMOREG series 6RA70 with output powers from 6,3 kW to 1900 kW

Programmable automats series SIMATIC S7-200, S7-300 a S7-400 and systems LOGO!

Control systems SINUMERIK

Switching and protection technology for low voltage systems

Low voltage asynchronous drives from 0,06kW up to 1000kW type 1LA..., 1LG..., 1MA..., 1MJ...

Uninterrupted power supplies UPS

CHLORIDE UPS with output power from 300 VA up to 4000 kVA

MASTERGUARD on-line with output power from 700 VA up to 4000 kVA

Off-line, line-interactive UPS with output power up to 1 kVA

Standard power semiconductor components

  • thyristores
  • diodes
  • GTO
  • FRED
  • IGBT

Low voltage and high voltage commutation, compensation and filtration capacitors from NOKIAN CAPACITORS and ZEZ SILKO ŽAMBERK

Overvoltage protection DEHN & SÖHNE

DEHOR-elspec Litvínov s.r.o.
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